Monday, June 10, 2013

Hai sa mergem la golf!

Thanks to kind donations from Cleveland Golf and The Janette Paulson Scholarship Fund, my kids got to try golf, something very few Romanians can say.

See, here in Romania, you can probably count the number of golf courses on your fingers, and still have enough left to tee up a ball. To me, this is a shame, because ever since I began playing at age six, golf has been a huge part of my life. I wanted to share this with them.

So, about December of this year, I lit up the inboxes of every altruistically minded contact of mine in the golf industry, trying to procure an equipment donation for my village. At long last, I hit pay dirt about March, and after a long process of finding the funds to cover shipping, physically shipping them, then driving eight hours to customs to pick them up, they finally arrived here in Tulghes. Then today, the weather finally cooperated, and the Tulghes Golf Club had its first meeting.

I'd call today a success not only because the kids -- and even some teachers -- enjoyed their first try, but also because nobody took a club or a ball to the dome. Victory.

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