Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dl. Met in Action

I've realized that the majority of my blogs posted in this space have been about travel, special events, holidays, etc. I fear that most of you think Peace Corps is a 27-month vacation. I assure you that, even though it's an incredible experience, we're still here to work.

With that, I present to you proof. Here are some pictures of Dl. Met in action. The first group is a few shots of my kids after a cool post-it note activity that works with parts of the body. It is what it appears to be: Students pin post-it notes to one of their classmates to label him or her.

The second group of photos is us doing the Animal Action song, one of our greatest hits.




So there you have it, proof that I've been working the past two years.

Then again, perhaps this doesn't seem like work in the traditional sense of the term. Perhaps it's because we get to run around and act like monkeys and dance and sing songs. Then again, if that's your opinion, here's my retort: Perhaps you should try it at your office at least once a day, and maybe your job wouldn't seem so much like work either.

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